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Luxor Who's Who - The People Behind Luxor


The Luxor Who's Who highlights the people in the Luxor world.

Dale Asberry

Web Links: XUL Titan Interview

Vladimir Kvassov

Web Links: XUL Titan Interview

Julien Phalip

Location: Sydney, Australia

Bio: I have recently graduated with a Master in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in France. I am currently working on a contract with CSIRO, a large research organization in Australia.

Luxor Areas of Interest: The projects I am involved in need to get an abstract and high level language to specify user interfaces. As we're mainly working with Java, we chose XUL and Luxor which is the most suitable API for us so far.

Luxor Applications: The main project we're working on involves XML and XSLT as templates to generate XUL files, and therefore display multimedia documents within a Java environment.

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