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Blue Sky - What's Next?

Intro - Your Ideas Are Welcome

Luxor XUL isn't a Mozilla XUL clone and, therefore, welcomes any ideas that make building UIs easier.

You are invited to send your ideas to the Luxor user or dev mailing list so others can comment or support your ideas and we can pick them up.

We will put your ideas first in the undecided/needs more thought slot, before we move it either to upcoming, back burner or blue sky.

Upcoming - Any Minute Now

Ideas in the upcoming slot will show up in the next release or the release after. Assuming a release every six weeks, that's a waiting time of no more than three month.

Needs More Thought, Undecided
Back Burner

Ideas in the back burner slot are not rejected, but will have to wait until all upcoming items are completed, no blue sky project are undertaken, and everyone lives in peace in the Middle East. Check back next year to see if anything changed.

Blue Sky, Great Ideas - Major Effort Required

Ideas in the blue sky slot are worthwhile but require major effort (that is, a couple of release cycles/months). You are more than welcome to start a project and lead the effort.

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