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Making Building Classic Desktop-Style UIs As Easy As Building Web Pages
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Get Involved - Join a Winning Team

How To Help Out And Contribute

We invite you to join Luxor and contribute as much or as little as you choose. You don't need to be a coding wizard as plenty of opportunities await people having a life.

Build Luxor Apps, Share Your Thoughts, Help Others Get Started

Start building apps using Luxor, report bugs or share your ideas for missing bells and whistles or add-ons.

Contribute Code, Documentation, Translations or Art Work

Contribute your Luxor example apps to Ramses, Luxor's example suite, or post them on the Internet.

Translate Luxor's documentation into Finish, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, French, German or whatever native language you speak.

Write up your example app as a case study or create a Getting Started Guide or Tutorial for Luxor.

Share code snippets for a How-To Luxor Cookbook or start up the Unofficial Luxor FAQ.

Create a bestseller and write a book about Luxor (e.g. Luxor Essentials, Learning Luxor, Luxor Pocket Reference, Kicking Ass Luxor, etc.) or start XulWorld or XulTomorrow, an online magazine, or create XulTopia, an online encyclopedia, or host your own Xul techno bubble talk show and pack it into a mpeg video.

Talk about Luxor - Luxor Evangelists Wanted

Show off your tech savy and talk about Luxor at your local Java or XML User Group, your company's in-house tech lunch training series, your university's CompSci club or at XML One, XML Summit or any other industry conference.

For ideas check out Gerald Bauer's JUG talk entited: XUL - Beyond HTML and Swing: Building Rich, Cross-Platform, Zero-Admin Desktop Apps On Open Standards Today.

Share your slides with the galaxy and post them on the Internet or send us a copy and we add it to the Luxor distro. (Please, no PowerPoint or PDF, only frameless, all-in-one, black-on-white HTML documents.)

Create a New Project - Think Big

If you tire of contributing patches, think big and lead your own project. Here are some ideas to get started:

Use IBM's Eclipse's Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) third-party link instead of Sun's Swing Toolkit.

Use C# to create a .Net version for the open-source Mono third-party link runtime using Gtk# third-party link.

Use C/C++ to create a runtime-less, free-standing, portable version using a cross-platform UI toolkit such as Trolltech's Qt third-party link or Gnome's Gtk+ third-party link.

Use Python third-party link and Tkinter to create something completley different. Take it away, Eric, the orchestra leader.

Embed Mozilla Gecko using Project Blackwood's WebClient third-party link to beef up Luxor with an industry-strength, cross-platform HTML browser widget.

Create an embeddable PHP third-party link engine in Java to beef up Luxor with another template engine unlocking thousand ready-made off-the-shelf scripts or for the less ambitious create a PHP web connector.

Create an Ahead-Of-Time Compiler (aka Pre-Compiler) that reads in XUL documents and spits out Java code that you can compile before you ship your app that no longer builds your UI dynamically on-the-fly at runtime.

Create an Ahead-Of-Time Compiler that reads in XUL documents and spits out Java Micro Midlets for your wireless mobile. Spice it up with Web Services and rush to Sand Hill Drive.

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