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luxor-xul-user Mailing List - Subscribe/Unsubscribe - Archive @ Sourceforge
Ask questions or share tips and tricks about the Luxor XUL toolkit. You're also more than welcome to announce your Luxor powered application to the list or your Luxor plugin, tool, article or how-to.

luxor-licensing Mailing List
Ask questions about Luxor's licensing options or about premium support offerings.

luxor-xul-develop Mailing List - Subscribe/Unsubscribe - Archive @ Sourceforge
Public list for kernel hackers working on the core Luxor toolkit to discuss issues, code changes/additions, etc.

International (Non-English) Mailing Lists & Forums

luxor-xul-deutsch Mailing List - Subscribe/Unsubscribe
German Luxor User Mailinglist

Private Mailing Lists & Forums - Members Only

luxor-support Mailing List
Premium Luxor Support forum/mailinglist for members only; if you want to sign up for premium support, please contact Gerald Bauer ( If you have any questions about the Luxor premium support offering, please join the luxor-licensing mailing list.

luxor-commiter Mailing List
Private Luxor Core Developer Members Only Mailing List; if you want to join the Luxor team, please join the luxor-xul-user and luxor-xul-develop mailinglists first.

Hosted by SourceForge SourceForge Logo For questions related to the use of Luxor, please consult our web pages. If that fails, the luxor-xul-user mailinglist might help.
Please send comments on our web pages and the development of Luxor to our public luxor-xul-develop mailinglist.
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