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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


Luxor would be impossible without open standards and high-quality, free, open source libraries, toolkits and products.

Third-Party Libraries - Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

Luxor comes pre-packaged in a single jar named luxor.jar. Note, that luxor.jar only holds Luxor's own .class files and resources and no one else's. Luxor relies on the following open-source libraries:

Name Description Creator Web
velocity.jar Template Engine Apache Jakarta third-party link
log4j.jar Logging Toolkit Apache Jakarta third-party link
jdom.jar XML Toolkit Brett McLaughlin, Jason Hunter third-party link
jaxp.jar* XML Parser and XSL/T Engine Plug-In Toolkit Sun Microsystems
crimson.jar* XML Parser Apache XML Project
xalan.jar* XSL/T Engine Apache XML Project third-party link
batik.jar SVG Engine (aka 2D XML Graphics) Apache XML Project third-party link
jaxen.jar, saxpath.jar XPath Engine Bob McWhirter, James Strachan third-party link third-party link
jython.jar Python Scripting Engine (Jython) Jython Project, Corporation for National Research Initiatives(CNRI) third-party link

(*) Note, that jaxp.jar and a JAXP-plugable XML parser and XSL/T engine are now part of Java 1.4 and no longer needed as separate add-ons.

Third-Party Libraries Continued - Look & Feel - Make-Up Kits

To vamp up the look and feel of your Luxor apps consider these make-up kits:

Name Description Creator Web
skinlf.jar Skin Look & Feel (includes theme packs for Whistler (Win2000), Luna (WinXP), Aqua (Mac OS X), Modern (Mozilla) and more) L2Fprod (Frederic Lavigne) third-party link
kunststoff.jar Kunststoff Look & Feel Incors GmbH (Jan Bösenberg) third-party link
oyoaha.jar Oyoaha Look & Feel Oyoaha third-party link
compiere.jar Compiere Look & Feel Compiere third-party link

To see apps dressed in various themes on the catwalk, check out Vamp's Theme Gallery third-party link.

Pre-Production Open-Source Tools

Before Luxor hits the road, the following free, open-source products work hard to make it happen.

Name Description Creator Web
jEdit Multi-Purpose Text Editor Slava Pestov third-party link
jEdit Plug-Ins Error List, Console, Ant, and more Slava Pestov et al third-party link
Ant extensible, XML-scriptable, cross-platform built tool Apache Jakarta Project third-party link
JRefactory Pretty Printer Chris Seguin third-party link
JavaNCSS Code Metric Tool Chr. Clemens Lee third-party link
DocBook XSL Stylesheets DocBook-XML To XSL-FO Converter Norman Walsh third-party link
Apache FOP XSL-FO To PDF Converter Apache XML Project http:/ third-party link
PuTTY Secure Shell And File Transfer - ssh clone Simon Tatham third-party link
Pre-Production Free, Closed-Source Tools
Name Description Creator Web
Java2HTML Cross Reference Tool Ritelink Computing Ltd. third-party link
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