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Luxor Powered Apps and Projects

Luxor Powered Desktop Apps and Projects - You are not alone

This is a list of desktop apps or projects that embed Luxor and use it to create parts of the gooey (GUI) such as menus, toolbars, forms or portals or use it to create HTML documents, XML config files or plain-vanilla text files from built-in or user-supplied templates.

If you want your Luxor Powered app listed here, please send a message to Luxor's user mailing list.

Name Description
Venus Application Publisher (Vamp) third-party link Venus Application Publisher (Vamp) Studio is a user-friendly tool that helps you package, sign and publish Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) apps. For screenshots see Vamp's Screenshot Gallery third-party link or Vamp's Theme Gallery third-party link.
Pam - Package Manager for Web Start third-party link Pam allows turbo-charged, offline installation of Web Start apps directly into Web Start's cache. Pam allows you to use packages bundled in web archives (.war), in client archives (.car) or in Clio CD installers (.jar).
Alice - Application Central for JNLP third-party link Alice helps you find Web Start apps on the web from dispersed sources and allows you to browse app catalogs in a unified format.
Clare - Cache Explorer for Web Start third-party link Clare lets you look under hood of Web Start's cache by giving you a natural view as Clare untangles cache entries to restore their original name and displays timestamps, certificates and more in human readable form.
Vanessa - Validator for JNLP third-party link Vanessa is a multi-schema validator for JNLP. Vanessa loads your JNLP file, checks if it is well-formed, validates it against built-in DTD and W3C XML schemas and collects all warnings and errors.
Hazel - App Catalog Creator for JNLP third-party link Hazel allows you to create your own Web Start/JNLP app catalogs. Hazel extracts all JNLP links from an HTML document and creates an informative, neat looking HTML document listing all JNLP applications along with their vendor, version, description, homepage and more.
Lopica Web Start Tools third-party link includes Lopica Web Start Browser, Lopica Web Start Checker, Lopica Web Start Catalog Machine; headed by Gerald Bauer
Installer DeLux third-party link Installation toolkit that you can easily customize and extend thanks to XUL and Ant; headed by R. Dale Asberry
jCAE third-party link Java Computer Aided Engineering; headed by Jerome Robert and Alleon Guillaume
MFlow third-party link a modular messaging client in Java; headed by David M. Carr
Your project here
Miscellaneous and In-Progress

This is list of apps or project that don't fit into the category above or aren't complete yet, but warrant mention.

If you want your Luxor Powered project listed here, please send a message to Luxor's user mailing list.

Name Description
Your project here
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