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October 2003 Archives

Design Challenge: Easy-To-Use XML Format for GridLayout Wanted

I'm currently adding a new tag library to the Luxor XUL toolkit that supports all Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) layout managers.

Now the challenge is to design an easy-to-use XML format for GridLayout.

Here's my first shot:

  <gridbag colums="3" margin="10,10" />
    <jlabel text="label0" />
    <griddata colspan="2" fill="HORZ"> <jtext text="text1" /> </griddata>

    <griddata colspan="3" halign="MAX"> 
          <jtableitem text="item1" />
          <jtableitem text="item2" />

    <jbutton text="button3" />
    <jbutton text="button4" />    
    <griddata halign="CENTER"> <jbutton text="button5" /> </griddata>   

For comparision check out the plain old Java spaghetti code in the Javalobby discussion thread. Can you do better? Help shape the future of rich UIs using XML and post your own XML format contender today.

posted by Gerald Bauer on October 24, 2003
Luxor XUL SWT Beta 9 Pre Live

I've uploaded a first snapshot of the upcoming Luxor XUL Beta 9 for the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT).

The snapshot includes five examples such as a calculator, a mini blog, a notepad and more.

You can grab a copy over at sourceforge (look for the luxor-swt package).

PS: What is SWT? What is Luxor? What is XUL (XML UI Language)?

posted by Gerald Bauer on October 22, 2003
Turn Applets Into Instant XUL Plugins

I've uploaded Luxor's Applet Plugin Example Suite to Petra (Luxor Plugin Central) that shows how to turn applets into XUL tags that you can use along with all built-in XUL tags without writing any Java glue code.

Reuse your applets today in your very own apps without calling in any browser machinery.

More Info @

posted by Gerald Bauer on October 15, 2003
Anakrewn Meidis Joins The Luxor Kernel Hacker Team

Just to let you know that Anakrewn Meidis joins the Luxor Kernel Hacker Team as member with commit privileges.

Anakrewn has contributed patches to Luxilla and the Luxor kernel over the last couple of weeks adding auto-refresh support to Luxilla and experimental scripting support using Beanshell, for example.

Let's welcome Anakrewn to the Luxor Kernel Hacker Team.

posted by Gerald Bauer on October 10, 2003
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