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September 2003 Archives

Petra - Luxor XUL Plugin Central Site Now Live

I've put together a site for Luxor XUL Plugins called Petra.

For now Petra lists three plugin packages, that is,

If you have any Luxor plugins lying around, let me know so I can add them.

Full story @

PS: To get started creating your own Luxor XUL tags/plugins check out the Getting Started Guide from the Luxor Plugin Example Suite.

posted by Gerald Bauer on September 12, 2003
All Luxor Sources Now In CVS

I finally got around to check in/import all the sources for the toolkits/libraries that Luxor depends on into the sourceforge CVS repositories.

Here's the toolkit/library line-up:

i) Ajax Building Blocks @

ii) Rachel Toolkit @

Note, it usually takes 24 hours for the source to show up on the website (if you wonna browse it using the ViewCVS).

posted by Gerald Bauer on September 09, 2003
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