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DevX Article About Luxor and XUL By Laurence Moroney Now Online

Laurence Moroney - a senior architect with the Reuters Innovation Labs and Rapid Development Groups in New York City - has written up an article for the DevX site about Luxor, Mozilla and XUL titled "XUL - The Gatekeeper to Higher-level Web UIs".

Laurence writes:

The application that you will develop as a sample in this article is adapted from the famous Luxor calculator app, but has been extended to make it a Web service consumer. XMethods.Net host a Web service that accepts a ZIP code and returns a temperature. The WSDL for this file is available for inspection at

The download included with this article includes all the source code as well as the JDeveloper workspace and project files. You can use these, or if you prefer a different IDE, you will need access to the Luxor jar file, available for download from the Luxor XUL homepage at

Laurence concludes:

Don't forget that XUL also gives you a miniature Web server that you can embed in your apps to give peer-to-peer functionality, a scripting interpreter that is Python-based, and portal and template engines. It all adds up to a pretty compelling framework. With a rich and competent offering like Luxor XUL ready to use, it's easy to wonder why anyone would wait for XAML.

posted by Gerald Bauer on June 17, 2004 | Add Your Comments (1)
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