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XML User Interface Language (XUL) Events

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Past Events - Talk Slides

The Future of the Web: Rich Clients, Rich Browsers, Rich Portals
A Look at XUL, XForms, XWT, Curl and other emerging technologies (40+ slides)
March 2003 @ VanX Vancouver, Canada, Gerald Bauer

Python and Jelly: Scripting Power for Java and XML: Do More With Less (Lines of Code)
Fast-Paced, example packed Python Scripting Intro for Java Hackers (40+ slides)
February 2003 @ JUG Austria, Gerald Bauer

Spice Up Your XML UIs with SVG: Create High-End 2D Graphics Using XML
Fast-Paced, example packed SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Intro (50+ slides)
November 2002 @ JUG Austria, Gerald Bauer

Luxor: The "Linux Kernel" for Desktop Apps - Uniting XUL, SVG, HTML, Velocity, Web Start, XSL/T, Python and more
Fast-Paced, example packed Xul Intro (50+ slides)
July 2002 @ VanX Vancouver, Canada, Gerald Bauer

Luxor Xul - Beyond Swing and HTML: Building Rich, Cross-Platform, Zero-Admin Desktop Apps on Open Standards Today
35.000 feet Luxor Xul panorama (50+ slides)
October 2001 @ JUG Austria, Gerald Bauer

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